Inclusion as a Modern Cultural Unıversal: Reflection and Conceptualization

Natalia E. Sudakova, Olga N. Astafyeva


This paper ıs relevant due to the need to find the mechanisms of overcomıng social destruction caused by people’s current personal alienation of the ‘Other’, as well as alıenatıon of oneself as ‘Another’. The problem is considered in the context of the modern society’s growing need for the creation of a community that adheres to diversity and inclusive values as integral conditions of individual existence. The concept of the evolution of inclusion as a modern culture unıversal, presented in the paper, expands the ideas about it and its addressees. The author emphasızes that the subject of inclusion is absolutely every human in need of self-realization in the society, a career of unique features and precious for the progress of human civilization.  The authors emphasize that every born human is the subject of inclusion with the need for social realization, as the career of unique individual features which are the highest value for the social progress of human civilization. The authors urge to draw the attention of the scientific community to the lack of systematic reflection of this phenomenon, which manifests itself today in all areas of activity in the global format. This approach allows us to trace the formation of inclusion as a modern cultural universal, which this work is devoted to. The main instrument of the formation of inclusion is the creativity that actualizes its new perception as the process of getting the creative joy from the joint co-creative artistic activities that contribute to the ongoing personal development.


Inclusion, creativity, culture, Other, people with disabilities, uniqueness

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