Nationalism in the Season of Revolution: Poetry of Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian Poets

Muhammad Luthfi Zuhdi


The Arab Spring represents an important chapter in the modern history of the Middle East. The revolution that started in Tunisia has inspired winds of change in Arab countries. Syria, Libya, and Egypt are countries that were inevitably hit by the revolutionary wave. The revolution did not emerge suddenly, but there were some trigger factors. Poets are among the actors who play an important role in spreading ideas for change. This article describes in detail the role of Syrian, Libyan, and Egyptian poets in voicing their nationalism amid the intense political struggle between those in power and those who wanted change. This research is qualitative research using the sociology of literature approach. In conclusion, it was found that Arab nationalism appeared in various forms of poetry and had a significant influence on mobilizing the masses.


poetry, Arab Spring, sociology of literature, Arabic nationalism

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