Improving Quality of Higher Education Using Academic Information System as a Public Administration Service: The Case of Indonesia

Didin Muhafidin


Information Communication and Technology has made a lot of investments to the rapid transformation of modern society. The goal of the study was to establish a highly customized student information and accounting system in Indonesia to promote the enrolment and accounting phase and to meet the needs of all clients and employees in the provision of line services. This study applied the context of Computer Science Research for Information Systems while describing the problems faced in the enrolment and accounting phase, specifying the analysis purpose, planning and implementing the program, installing and testing it, and reporting the results of the study. The digitalized enrolment system works in numerous computer units over a system with a shared database for data storage. It has distinct embedded features that promote the needs of frontline service providers and customers. The aggregate feature of the enrolment system has increased the efficiency of the frontline providers, as most of the processes are automated and computerized. The results of the survey, along with service quality, the precision of documents and records and promptness, demonstrate that the tine enrolment system is a significant and effective instrument for delivering front-line services. Hence, improving the quality service of higher education institutions in Indonesia through system development will provide better services offered to clienteles.


Enrolment system, Indonesia, Higher Education, Quality, Students

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