Beyond Project Compliance: Unintended Social Impact and the Emergency Call for Community Education in West Tarum Canal

Pius Suratman Kartasasmita


Involuntary resettlement is inevitable in development practices. It refers to a process of moving people to a different place because of government development project. Beyond the conventional studies on involuntary resettlement which usually focus on the issue of fair and just compensations, this study aims to investigate the critical values of community education for resettlement. Using the Risk/Needs/Responsively Model (R-N-R Model) as its conceptual framework, this study has two purposes. First, whether the implementation of resettlement program in West Tarum Canal (WTC) complies with procedures and principles agreed by ADB and GOI in their loan agreement. Second, whether the level of livelihood of affected households after relocation are better off. Accordingly, this study deals with three specific questions i.e. whether the compensation paid is fair and just, whether the conducted training is impactful, and whether the assistance and facilitation provided are helpful. This study employs quantitative research designs. As many as 270 out of 1047 affected households (AHs) dwelling along WTC, are randomly selected as sample. Questionnaires combined with systematic observations, series of FGDs, and structured in-depth interviews are used as instruments for collecting data. Results show that, the implementation of resettlement in WTC is not comply with the set principles and procedures. The livelihood of AHs is not better off after relocations. More specific it is concluded that, the compensation payment given is not fair and just, training programs delivered are not impactful, and assistance and facilitation provided are not helpful. This study ends up with an emergency call for inserting community civic education into resettlement program to replace conventional training and facilitation programs. Further study on understanding the root of community virtuous citizenship, or lack of it, is recommended.



involuntary resettlement, unintended social impact, community civic education

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