How Can I Describe The Social Studies Curriculum? A Case Study

Sümer Aktan


Main function of the schools is to contribute individuals to internalize the culture in which they live as efficient citizens. Main objective of the social studies courses contained in the curriculum of primary schools is to contribute individuals to become a member of the society in which they live. In order to achieve such a contribution, teachers should definitely have a comprehensive perspective for the curriculum of social studies. In addition, the perceptions of the teachers about the nature of these courses are also important since individuals generally form their behaviors based on their perceptions. In this perspective, the objective of this study is to determine opinions of a classroom teacher instructing in a village school with multi-grade class about the nature of social studies courses, the structure of social studies curriculum, and teaching process regarding social studies. Based on the results of the study, it is seen that the teacher instructing in a village school with multi-grade class significantly pays attention to social studies curriculum and teacher’s guidebook and it is emphasized that the social studies curriculum implemented in schools in rural regions should be adapted in accordance with environmental conditions whereas the curriculum should be provided as a framework and it should enable the teacher to have more functional roles in designing the curriculum.


Social studies curriculum, multi-grade class, village school, case study

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